Uploading a MightyMerchant Data File

What is a MightyMerchant Data File?

A MightyMerchant data file has been either

The top two rows in a MightyMerchant data file include field names and a description of the field. Do not remove these rows.

Importing Your Data File

  1. Review the instructions for preparing your data file
  2. Save your files as a CSV file (comma-separated format).
  3. In your Site Manager, click the "Import Data" link. A backup of your content will be made before your data is uploaded.

  4. Select the .csv file you'd like to upload and click the "Upload" button.

  5. Once your upload is complete, please review your site carefully. If there are any problems, contact webhelp@heroweb.com to revert to the backup.