Restoring Deleted Emails

Our email system allows you to retrieve emails that you have deleted off of the email server in the recent past. Please understand these important considerations:

  1. Typically emails are only available for approximately 14 days after you deleted them.
  2. We provide no guarantee that your deleted emails will be available. If you need a sophisticated email backup system we recommend you either set up a backup on your local computer system or contact us to discuss other options.
  3. If you use a POP email account that downloads emails and removes them from our server, there likely will not be a copy of the deleted messages on our mail servers.

To restore deleted emails:

  1. Log into your account via webmail.
  2. Right-click the Trash Link/Folder on the left side of the page and select "Recover Deleted Email..."
  3. Check off the emails you would like to restore.
  4. Select a folder in which to restore your deleted emails. After you select the folder, your emails should start restoring.
  5. When you are finished restoring your emails, click "Close."
  6. Go to your restore folder and confirm that the emails have been restored.