Email Account - Initial Configuration

MightyMerchant has teamed up with Rackspace Hosting to provide you with a full-featured web and desktop email service. Using the configuration settings below, you will be able to setup your email client so that it will work with the email servers. We have included basic configuration settings that you will need to enter in to your email program.
For specific instructions for working with most popular email clients:
> Log in to the Email Help Portal.

These are the steps we recommend.

1. Log into your webmail account at and reset the temporary password that you initially received. You can click the Settings link in the top right to access the password screen.
2. Configure your desktop email client, using the settings on this page.
3. Send a test message to your new account from another account (or have a business associate help you)

Mail Servers:
Incoming -
Outgoing -
Username and Password:
Your username includes the @[domain].com and is always in lowercase.
For example -
If you do not know your password, please let us know and we will reset it for you.
SMTP Authentication
Please ensure that your email client is set to use "SMTP authentication". This is different than SSL authorization, which should be unchecked.
SSL Encrypted Connection
You may optionally select to connect to the incoming server using SSL encryption. Select the option to use an encrypted connection, and set your incoming server port to 995. If you are not connecting using SSL, set your incoming port to 110
Outgoing SMTP Port
Depending on how your ISP is setup, you may need to change the default port for your outgoing SMTP server. The default port is 25, but if you find that your outgoing email is not being sent, try changing it to port 587.
Storage Quota
Each email account comes with 2GB of storage. You will be notified if your storage reaches 80% of this amount. At that point, you will need to login to your web mail (via a browser) and clear messages from your server. We strongly recommend that you set your email client to not leave messages on the server. If, for some reason, you need to keep your mail on the server and feel that you need more disk space, feel free to contact us.
If you would like to view more detailed documentation on setting up your email client, please view the Email Setup.
Using the WebMail client (browser-based)
Please note that your email account also includes a full-featured web mail client that you can access from any computer. For information on how to use this client, go to the Browser Based WebMail Client Documentation.