Browser Based WebMail Client

Your email account comes with a full-featured web email client. Some of the features include:

  • Calendar (shared calendar is available for multiple users)
  • Task lists
  • RSS Feed reader
  • Group email lists
  • Spam filtering options
  • Vacation & Email forwarding
  • Email filtering

To use this client:

  • Navigate to [your_domain].com/mail (replace [your_domain] with the url of your website. Example -
  • Login using your username (your full email address including the domain name) and password.
  • When you login for the first time, navigate to settings in the upper right hand corner. Next, select "Identities & Signatures". Fill in the appropriate information as this is what will be displayed on your outgoing mail.
  • Next, send yourself a test message and ensure that your email looks the way that you would like it to be.

Some additional notes:

  • To include a link in an email, include the "http://" that appears before the website URL.
  • Be sure to look through the SETTINGS link (top right). You can change the format of the email, spam settings, Vacation Messages, etc. You can also change your own password in the SETTINGS.
  • Some SPAM is caught at the server level and may not be downloaded to your own computer (where you use Outlook, Eudora or other email software). This spam can be viewed in webmail.

For more detailed instructions on how to use your Web Mail client, please visit the Rackspace Documentation.

Please note that you have a 100MB disk quota. If your quota reaches 80% you will receive an email asking you to please free up space on your account. At this time, you will need to delete messages that you no longer need. Click here to read about fixing quota issues.
However, if you feel that you need more space, you are welcome to contact us.