What if I'm over my Quota?

If you receive an automated email message indicated you are approaching your email account quota, you will need to take action.

Keep in mind this very important point:

When someone sends you an email message, it is stored on our server until you check your mail and download it to your computer. Depending on how your email program is set up, the mail can accumulate on our server.

You have three choices to take care of this situation.

1. Log into your webmail account and remove unneeded email.
2. Purchase more disk space on our mail servers.
3. If you are using POP for your email, change the settings in your desktop email program, so the mail does not accumulate on the server. This option won't work if you are using IMAP.

Here is what we recommend.

1. To log in to webmail, visit your site with "/mail" after the URL. For example: www.mystore.com/mail

2. Enter your email address and password.

3. Look at your INBOX. Sort (click on the column heading) by SIZE so that all of the BIG emails come up first. Are there any emails larger than 1mb? These are considered BIG. You should delete these and then empty your trash.

4. If you have a very large volume of email and want to delete EVERYTHING, you can right click the email box and select "Purge FolderName".

5. If you receive an error when trying to delete messages, then click on Settings a the top right of your screen and uncheck the boxes for:

- send deleted items to trash
- send purged items to trash

6. Check your Spam folder, Sent Mail, and the Trash for accumulated messages.

Please note that when items are sitting in your Trash folder, they are still taking up disk space. You will need to be sure to delete the items from your Trash.

The above steps should alleviate your disk quota issues. You might also want to consider the following:

1) The email account that you are using on your email client (ie: Outlook) is set to remove email after a large number of days. For example, if Outlook is set to keep email on the server for 30 days, you might go over your quota (this does not control removing email from your computer, just from the server at HEROweb).
To change this setting, go to the Account Settings for your email client and change the "Delivery" settings for "Remove from server after XX days." Here are the instructions for OUTLOOK:
  1. Go in to Outlook Account Settings:
  2. Double click on the email account (youremail@address.here)
  3. Click on “MORE SETTINGS”
  4. Click the ADVANCED TAB
  5. Change the number of days the email is kept on server to something much smaller than it is now. 2-5 days is usually enough.
2) You keep emails marked as spam on the server for too long. Log in to webmail, and change the number of days you retain spam on the server by clicking on SETTINGS > SPAM SETTINGS >  CLEANUP OPTIONS. Make sure you are deleting spam after a certain number of days (30 is good) or a certain number of emails. If you use the setting "NEVER DELETE SPAM" then be sure to log in to webmail occasionally and remove spam.