Find a Store

The Find a Store feature allows customers to enter their zip code, city, or state to find a store near them. Your site can include a searchable database of stores or vendors.

Importing Stores

Viewing Your Current Data

Log into your Site Manager and click the "Stores" link at the top of the page.

Click "Download Stores" to retrieve your list of stores in the correct format. The file is a CSV (comma-separated) text file.

Open the file in Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. You should see your data, divided into columns in Excel.

You can either work with the downloaded spreadsheet or create a new spreadsheet from scratch. Either way, you need to include the top two rows.

Creating a New Spreadsheet

Follow these guidelines when creating a new spreadhseet:

  • Note the two rows at the top of spreadsheet. These rows need to be included in any file you import into MightyMerchant.
  • You don't need to include every column in the spreadsheet that you import. You just need to include columns that you have information for.
  • If you are importing new records, you want to indicate one of the columns as the "key field" - meaning it contains a unique value for each user. Often, you can use the phone number for this purpose. You will indicate the key field by putting an asterisk in front of the field name in the first row.
  • The latitude/longitude information will automatically be generated by MightyMerchant. You can leave it blank when you are importing.

Importing the Data

  1. Save your spreadsheet as a .csv text file. 
  2. In the MightyMerchant Site Manager, click the "Stores" link and then click "Upload Stores." 
  3. Select your .csv file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to import your data.

Adding Stores

To add a store:

  1. Click "stores" to bring up the Stores Manager
  2. Click "New Record", then enter the information for the individual store.

Adding multiple stores:

In MightyMerchant version 4.8+, you can upload a spreadsheet of your stores through the Site Manager.

  1. Click "stores" to bring up the Stores Manager
  2. Click "Download Stores" to download a file with the appropriate columns. Do not change any of the column information or headers.
  3. Prepare your spreadsheet and save as a CSV file. (You do not need to fill in the latitude and longitude columns.)
  4. Return to the Stores Manager by clicking "stores"
  5. Click "Upload Stores" and follow the directions for uploading your file.

In earlier versions of MightyMerchant, we can upload a spreadsheet for you. Contact us for cost and a sample spreadsheet.