Setting up a Mail Filter Rule in your Webmail Account

Your email account allows you to set up advanced filtering rules. Filters allow you to process your mail based on criteria such as: the subject line, who the mail is coming from, or which address the mail is sent to.

To configure a filter:

  1. Log into your webmail account at (replace "" with the domain of your website)
  2. Click the three horizontal lines located at the very top right of the page (these will appear just to the right of your email address). Then select "Settings" in the dropdown menu that opens.
  3. In the Settings box, click Incoming Email. Then click the Filtering tab.
  4. Click "Add New Filter."
  5. Give your filter a name that describes it accurately.
  6. Enter your filter criteria.
  7. Set the action for this filter.
  8. Save your changes.