Upsell and Cross Sell


You can implement up-sell and cross-sell opportunities on your site using MightyMerchant's Related Items feature. The Related Items feature is a way to get your customers to buy more by showing additional products related to the one they are looking at, or to one they have just added to their cart.

Defining Your Groups

Groups should normally be used to define 'accessory' items. For example, if you are designing a site that sells bicycles, you might set up a group containing bike accessories such as light, odometer, helmet, and gloves. Let's say you want to show related items on the product detail page. If you were viewing the 'light' page, in the related items section you would see: odometer, helmet, and gloves.

But let's say any time someone orders a bike, you would like to show this same group of accessories. You don't want to put your entire inventory of bikes in this group, because then when someone was looking at the 'light' page, not only would they see the odometer, helmet and gloves- they would also see all the bikes you sell. Not good. Instead, you would assign the 'bike accessories' group to each bike, but you would not put the bike in the group.

If you have a group of similar bikes (let's say it is your mountain bike line), it would be best to group these bikes using a category, not with 'groups'.

Setting up Groups

    1. Click the 'groups' administrative link in the top left corner of your Site Manager.

    2. Click "New Group" and give your group an identifiable name.

    3. Check off all products you want to include in the group. If your group contains products from mulitple pages, be sure to click "Save and Go to Next Page" prior to going to the next page.

    4. When you are done checking products, click "Save All Changes".

Part 2: Assigning Groups

There are two ways to relate any item to a group of items:

    1. Create a group and place the item in the group. Any time related items for this item are displayed, the other items in this group will display. A product may be placed in multiple groups of related items.

    2. You can assign one group of related items to each product/item. Anytime items related to this item are displayed, the items in this group will be displayed as well as the items from any groups that contain this item.

To remove a group from a product, set the Related Group to "Select".