Version Update List

Beginning with v5.3, HEROweb will publish a regular list of updates and fixes in each version of MightyMerchant. All updates will be posted on this page.

Version 5.3 Updates and Fixes

  • Security detection for blocking multiple malicious access attempts
  • New reset password functionality
  • Add a separate "info email address" for sending and receiving site email addresses
  • Enhanced Site Manager functionality for editing and deleting orders
  • Changed how secure pages are cached for faster page delivery
  • "Never on Sale" attribute for items
  • Set Gift Certificates to never be on sale
  • Updated MailChimp API
  • New method for handling declined transactions
  • Prevent sales from being applied if the item that triggers the sale is removed from the cart
  • Added a more user-friendly Edit button for site owners
  • Added additional price-types for product attributes
  • Change how sales are applied product variants
  • Better handling of out-of-stock items in a Google data feed
  • Changed how surcharge attributes are displayed in a data feed
  • Additional functionality for handling sales tax from multiple states
  • Add package specs to product attributes
  • Enhanced features for importing products with attributes