Get Listed in Google Places and Bing Local

There are two ways HEROweb can help you set up a Google and Bing local listings:

Option one is for us to set up the business profile in our own account. The benefit of this is that it gives us easy access to create, monitor and update the profile as need be.

Option two is for you to create your own Google and Bing accounts (if you do not already have them) and give us the account information. From there we can set up the profile for you.† This option gives you the most direct control of your listing. You will need to give HEROweb temporary access to your accounts (and you will need to create accounts at Google and Bing if you don't already have them.

Setting up the listing is not difficult but it does require a few steps.

We will need to provide info about your business such as email and phone number (to be shown in the public listing) and a short description of the business.

We will also need to name a physical address for your business. Some of the information provided in this section will later be used in the verification process, so itís important to be honest.

When it is time to verify the listing there are 2 methods to choose from.†

The first option, and the one we recommend for the sake of speeding up the process, is that Google/Bing† will call you on the number provided in the listing.†

The other option is to have them mail you a post card. Either way, you will be given a verification code which you will need to report to us here at HEROweb so that we can complete the process.††††††††††††††††††