Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues

When email works, life is good. But there are many factors that can prevent an email from reaching its intended recipient. While investigating thousands of reports of email problems over the years, we have found a few principles to live by:

There is always a precise and logical reason why a particular email message is not successful delivered.

There are a wide range of reasons why email messages fail to be delivered. Narrowing down the issue is a systematic process.

We recommend that you follow these preliminary steps to assess your email issues and whether the problem is something you can easily address on your end.

1. If you are concerned that you are not receiving your email, use another email account (perhaps you have a hotmail, gmail or yahoo account) and send yourself a test message. If you are concerned about receiving orders from your website, go to your MightyMerchant Site Manager Settings page and verify the correct address is entered and then submit a test order.

If you do not successfully receive your test message or your test order, here are the places to start investigating:

1. Is your email account over quota? If so, consult our Email Quota page.

2. Is it possible that you have multiple computers set up to check your email account and the computer or device that you are not currently using is automatically downloading your email? Make sure you don't have your mail going into another computer.

3. Do you have Spam Filtering set up, either on your computer, or on your MightyMerchant email account that is intercepting the message? This is often the culprit. We have put together information on Managing Spam.

4. Is it possible your domain has expired? Probably not, but why don't you visit your website to check.

5. If the final destination of your email is an account from another provider like gmail, hotmail, or earthlink, try sending an email directly to that account. If the email does not go through, you will need to work with the other provider to figure out what is wrong with your account on their system.

If you received your test message but are convinced you are not receiving email from others, then do this:

1. Go into your MightyMerchant Webmail Settings page and "Safelist" the sender. Then ask the sender to send to you again. Here are some instructions for safelisting.

If the message now comes through to you, the issue is almost certainly that the sender has issues with their account or domain that they need to address.

If you are still perplexed, please contact our support team for some additional troubleshooting steps. Let us know which of the above steps you have tried and whether you are receiving any email.