Getting Started

  1. Log in to Your Site Manager

    When your site is set up, you will be given a login URL (web address) and password.

    To log in to your Site Manager:

    1. Go to the login URL. This will be your site's main URL followed by "/myadmin.php". For example:
    2. Enter your password and click "Log In."
      If you log in successfully, you will see the Site Content>View level of the Site Manager.
      View Site Content
  2. Change Your Password

    To change your password:

    1. Log in to your Site Manager and click the "settings" administrative link near the top left corner of the screen.
    2. Click "Change Password."
    3. Create a password that will be memorable for you, but not easy to guess. Here are our tips for creating a secure password:
      • Use a combination of numbers and letters.
      • Use both capital and lowercase letters. Passwords are case-sensitive.
      • Avoid using easy-to-guess sequences of letters or numbers (i.e. "1234" or "abcd")
      • Avoid using your store name
      • Please note: passwords should be 8 to 20 characters long and must contain upper and lower case letters and at least one number.

    4. Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm it.
    5. Write down your password for future use, and store it in a secure location.
    6. Click the "Change Password" button to save changes.
    7. Click "catalog" or "site content" to return to the main page of the Site Manager.
  3. Preview Your Website

    We strongly recommend that you have the user side of your website open in a separate window or tab as you are working in the site manager. This will allow you to check back and forth to see how the changes you are making in the site manager affect the user side of your site. Let's start off by viewing the user side of your homepage:

    1. Click "catalog" at the top of your site manager.
    2. Click "Preview" to the right of the "Home" category. You should now see the user side of your home page pop up in a new tab or window.

    Like the Home category, all categories, subcategories, and items in your site manager have a corresponding webpage on the user side of your website. You can access these webpages using the "Preview" links in your site manager.

    • To preview a category or subcategory page, click "Preview" to the right of the category name, as indicated for the Home category in the above image.
    • To preview an item page, click "Preview" to the left of the item you'd like to view.