Vendors Module


The Vendors Module allows a site owner to designate one vendor to each product on the site.

When processing orders, the site owner can download a Purchase Order (PDF format) of all orders that contain products for a particular vendor. This purchase order can be emailed to the vendor for order fulfillment.

Setting Up and Assigning Vendors 

To set up vendors:
1. Click the "vendors" module link in the Site Manager.

2. Click "New Record" to add a new vendor.

3. Enter information for the vendor, then Save.

To assign vendors to a product:
Set the Vendor Id drop-down menu to the appropriate vendor.

Creating a Purchase Order
In the Order Manager ("orders"), you can create a PDF Purchase Order for all new orders, or for an individual order.

Customizing the Footer Area of the Purchase Order

You can place a note on the bottom of every purchase order by editing the Purchase Order Note field under "settings" in the Site Manager.

By default the text reads: