Downloading Category Data to a File


Category data in your Site Manager can be exported to a .csv file that can be edited with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. After making edits, you can then upload the file to make changes to your existing categories.

To Download Category Data

1. Use the "I want to" drop-down menu to the right of the category and choose

2. On the next screen, check off the fields you want to download.

3. Click "Download Now". This will save a .csv file of the category data in that section.

Editing the CSV File

Files that are downloaded from the Site Manager will include some mapping information you will not want to change:

  • The first two rows, which include a description of the column and the corresponding field name.

  • A category id number. This is a unique number that identifies the category in the Site Manager. (Any row with a blank category id will be added as a new category.)