Preparing Product Data for Import


Your Site Manager's Import Data feature allows you to upload product data from a file created in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Before uploading, it is critical that the file be prepared correctly. A badly formatted file can create problems on your website.

Exporting/Importing Product Data on an Existing Site

To update product data on an existing site, it's best to upload a file that was previously downloaded from the Site Manager, then modified. 

Files that are downloaded from the Site Manager will include some mapping information you will not want to change:

  • The first two rows, which include a description of the column and the corresponding field name.

  • A product id number. This is a unique number that identifies the item in the Site Manager and should not be confused with the catalog id or sku number you may use to identify the item.

Preparing Data Files for a New Site

If you plan to do a product data import and already have your data in a spreadsheet, the first step is to send HEROweb a sample of the file. This will help us determine if adjustments may be needed to prepare the file for importing into our system.

If you do not have an existing spreadsheet of your product data, but wish to upload your products via a file import, you can use one of the sample spreadsheets provided below.

Options for Importing an Existing Spreadsheet

MightyMerchant Sample Spreadsheet

If your product data includes options or a complicated pricing structure, it's probably best to refer to one of the sample spreadsheets provided below. You would adjust your existing spreadsheet to use the column headings and fields included in the sample file.

After preparing your file, refer to the import instructions.


If your product data includes basic information and pricing, you may be able to upload the file using the field-mapping feature. 

See field-mapping instructions

Sample Data Files

We have provided a number of sample spreadsheet files for common product data imports, which include the column headers and fields used in your Site Manager. The file you use for your new site will based on the specific needs of your products.

These files are not all-inclusive and may need additional columns added, depending on the needs of your site. Each file contains a few lines with sample product data.

Of course, don't hesitate to contact HEROweb if you're not sure which file to choose.

Before Completing the Sample Files

Once you start preparing your file, we recommend sending us a sample with 10-20 rows filled in, so that we may review it and let you know if any adjustments need to be made.

Basic Product Data (no product options)

Products with Options

For use with products that have options that may, or may not, affect price. This file will contain data for both products and product options. 

Left side of the spreadsheet contains product data, which is duplicated on multiple rows, based on the number of options (color coding for display purposes only).

Right side of spreadsheet contains a row for each option. Field names for options begin with "qty_".

Refer to Setting Up Option-Based Pricing for explanation of each column.

Products with Volume Pricing

For use with products that have pricing based on the quantity ordered. Set up similarly to products with options, but with additional columns for volume pricing.