Setting Up Sitewide Sale with a Coupon

MightyMerchant is designed to help you create sales for your site in a very intuitive, easy-to-understand way. Here, we'll go over how you can add a sale to your entire catalog of products that uses a coupon code.

Step One: Create the Sale

The first thing you want to do is log in to your MightyMerchant site manager and click on the "Sales" option at the top of the page.

Next, you want to create a new sale.

Next, you want to add in the parameters of your sale. Set a sale name, select the type of discount you want to give during the sale, then input a coupon code. This code needs to be entered by customers for the discount to apply to their order. If you want the discount to apply automatically, then you can simply leave the "Coupon Code" field blank. The code you enter here is not case-sensitive. This means that if you write "ThAnkS" as the code, customers will be able to write "thanks" and still have the discount applied to their order.

Step Two: Save Changes and Verify Sale

After you have done everything above, it's time to click on "Save Changes", which will make your sale go live on your site. You don't have to add anything further since the sale coupon will apply to every item on the site.

There you have it! A new sale on your site requiring a coupon code that applies to all items. If you find that you're having trouble with any of these steps or if you are experiencing issues that are not covered in this tutorial, please feel free to submit a help ticket HERE.