Setting Up Non Credit Card Payment Options


The payment methods you choose on the Payment Options page are the payment methods that will be available to your customers during checkout.

The message the customer sees on the browser order confirmation page and the confirmation email will be specific to the method they choose. You can customize these messages as necessary.

To set up payment methods for your website, click on "settings", then Payment Options:

Available Payment Methods


    a. If you would like to offer Paypal, but don't have a Paypal merchant account, you can use the link provided to Sign Up for a Paypal Account. You will want to sign up for the Website Payments Standard, NOT Paypal Pro.

    b. If you already have a Paypal merchant account, enter the email address you used to sign up for your account.

    c. There is a default message regarding completing payment at the Paypal website, along with a button to the Paypal payment page that is already set up for the Paypal method. You only need to add an additional message if there are additional instructions you would like to give regarding using Paypal on your website.

    2. Custom Payment Methods

    a. Use this area to set up payments with checks, money orders or purchase orders. You can also create up to 3 additional custom payment methods.

    b. It's a good idea to include some extra instructions for the confirmation email for your custom payment methods, such as where to mail a check, etc. Remember, these instruction appear AFTER an order is placed.

    3. Credit Card Payments

    a. In your site manager, navigate to Settings --> Payment Gateways and then click Edit under where you see your payment gateway selected.

    b. Check off which credit cards you accept.

    c. A message for the email confirmation is optional. Most online customers are familiar with using credit cards.

    d. Check off whether you will be processing credit cards manually.

    e. If you are doing auto-payment processing through a merchant account, designate the gateway you are using and enter the information specific to your gateway.

    If you are using Authorizenet, you will need to enter the API Login ID obtained from the Authorizenet website when you set up your transaction key (see instructions below).

    f. Important: If you will be requiring the credit card security code, please let someone at MightyMerchant know, so this feature can be added.

More on Merchant Account Gateways

    Gateway Settings

    For all gateways, be sure your account is set to active, rather than test mode. We also recommend turning off the email confirmations sent through the gateway since your customers will already receive an email confirmation from your website when they place their order.

    Your gateway's website will have help menus that can assist you with set up.


    Authorizenet requires you to enter an API Login and set up a Transaction Key. Click here to learn more on obtaining your API Login and setting up a transaction key.