Setting Up Authorizenet Gateway

How it Works

See's Credit Card Processing Diagram. Just click on “Step 1” then “Step 2” and so on.

1. Gateway Settings

Important: For all gateways, be sure your account is set to LIVE, rather than TEST mode.

Your gateway's website will have help menus that can assist you with set up.

Click here learn more about Authorizenet security settings.

2. Authorizenet API Login and Transaction Key

Once your merchant account has been approved, you will receive an email with the login information for your Authorizenet account. The first thing you need to do is log into the account, and fill out the initial registration page. You will be asked to generate a secret question and provide the answer. You will need to have the answer available in the future if you need to update your account. Then you will need to obtain an API Login ID and a transaction key from your Authorizenet account.

Here are the steps for getting up and running with Authorizenet:

Log in to your account at

If this is the first time you have logged in, fill out the form on the intial page, read over the license, and if the terms are agreeable, click to accept the agreement.

Navigate to Account. From the Account Screen, Under "Security Settings > General Security Settings", click "API Credentials and Keys"

You will be prompted to create a transaction key. Once you have generated the key, you should jot down the API Login ID and copy the transaction key that you will paste into the Site Manager.

3. Entering API Login and Transaction Key into Your Site Manager

In the MightyMerchant Site Manager, go to "settings" > Set Up Payment Gateway. Check off Authorizenet, then click Edit. Enter your API Login ID in the Merchant Login field, then paste the transaction key in the transaction key field. Set other information as desired, then click Save.

Updating Your Transaction Key

Authorizenet recommends that you reset your transaction key on a regular basis. Any time you reset your transaction key on the Authoriznet website, you MUST enter the new key into the Site Manager by clicking the "Set Transaction Key" link in order for your auto-payment processing to work correctly on your website.

Authorizenet Verified Merchant Seal

If you want to display the Authorizenet Verified Merchant Seal on your site, you will need to provide HEROweb with code that is generated in your Authorizenet account.

If you are using the shared security certificate (and most of our customers do), you will need to add the secure domain to the domain configuration. You can determine the secure url by going to the checkout billing/shipping information page, or your account login page. The part of the url you need will be either: