Order Status


The order status feature allows you to easily see which orders you are still working on.

Your Site Manager comes with a predefined choice list for the order status with these choices:

  • New
  • Printed
  • Shipped
  • -Complete

Active vs. Inactive Orders

Important: Any order status that begins with a '-' (hyphen) means that this is an 'inactive' status. Selecting an inactive status for an order will cause the order to be removed from the active list.

When you have completely finished processing an order, change the status of the order to one beginning with a hyphen. That order will be removed from the 'active' list.

You can see inactive orders at any time by clicking the 'Show All' button, or by searching for the order. You may choose to add other 'inactive' statuses, such as '-Returned' or '-Cancelled', as well as other 'active' statuses such as 'Back ordered'.

Making changes to the Order Status choice list

  1. Click the 'lists' link in the Site Manager.

  2. Click the 'edit' link next to the list named 'Order Status'.

  3. Enter the choices you want for the order status with one status per line.

    • Note: If the choice you are adding is an inactive status, begin the choice with a '-' (hyphen) .
    • Note: If you want an alternate label for display in the customer's order history, enter the label after a '>' (greater than symbol).
  4. Click "Save".

Any time you change an order status within the Order Manager, be sure to click the "Save Changes" button for your changes to take affect.

Order/Billing Status Combinations

Here is an explanation of the different order/billing status combinations in your Order Manager:

New-Paid: Payment for the order was successfully sent to the payment gateway (Authorizenet/Verisign). You want to be sure you receive verification from the payment gateway that the payment was received prior to shipping an order.

New-Unpaid: Customer is paying with something other than a credit card (or they are paying with a credit card, but you are receiving credit card information through an encrypted email and processing manually), you need to get payment information.

New-Declined: Customer tried to pay with a credit card, it was declined, but they still wanted to place the order.

In the vendor email confirmation you will see

"Trouble with Processing: Y"


"Payment Status: Declined / Credit Card Transaction Failed!"

The customer is waiting to hear from you regarding payment.