Accepting Custom Payment Amounts with the Custom Payment Form

The Custom Payment form is a secure order form for accepting custom payment amounts that don't require your customer to go through your site and select products.

There is no cost to you for adding a custom payment form to your site. You will need to request assistance from Technical Support to activate the form on your site.


The Custom Payment Form can come in handy when your customer is unable to complete the normal checkout process or when you need to provide a customer with a custom shipping quote (such as for an over-sized item that has a custom shipping amount). The Custom Payment Form includes the fields from the normal order form (for entering name, billing/shipping address, payment method, etc.) as well as fields for entering the custom payment amount and for listing the products being ordered.

Understanding the Custom Ordering Process

The ordering process using the Custom Payment Form is very similar to the normal checkout process. The basic difference is that the customer uses the Custom Payment Form instead of the standard checkout.  However, it is a good idea to read through the steps below to make sure you understand the process.

The typical ordering process using the Custom Payment Form includes these steps:

    1. The customer contacts you because of checkout problems or for a custom quote (contact may come in the form of an order notification with "Shipping Quote" specified as the Payment Method).

    2. You respond to the customer with (a) the payment amount and (b) a link to the Custom Payment Form.

    3. The customer fills out and submit the Custom Payment Form.

    4. If the customer pays using a credit card, the payment will be processed either automatically (if you use automated credit card processing). If the customer chooses check or money order as the payment method, the check or money order would need to be mailed to your business address. If the customer chooses PayPal as the payment method, payment would be made into your PayPal account.

    5. The customer is automatically sent a confirmation email and you receive an email copy of the order.

The process can now be completed as normal.

Getting the Custom Payment Form

Interested in adding the Custom Payment Form to your site? If so, you can use our contact form to let us know!