Setting Up Element Payment Gateway

Initial Set Up

In order to set up Element Payment Gateway on your website, you will need the credentials from your Element account. To retrieve the information:

-Log into your Element Virtual Terminal

-Click the "Virtual Terminal" Tab

-Click the "Profile" tab

In another window, login to the MightyMerchant site manager.

-Click the "settings" link at the top of the page.

-Click the "set up payment gateway" link.

-Check Element PS, then the Edit button


-Copy and paste the Account Credentials into the MightyMerchant Site Manager

-Choose a transaction type


Element Transaction Type



An authorization places a hold on a cardholder's available balance to cover
the payment. You will then need to manually capture the payment to complete the
process of charging the cardholder and remitting payment to your business.


You might choose this option if, for example, you have items that you will
not ship right away and only want to charge the customer's card when items are
shipped. The length of time you have to capture a payment is entirely up to the
card issuer, but the industry average is seven days for credit cards and three
days for debit cards.


Authorize & Capture (sale)

The credit card payment, if approved, is authorized and automatically
captured and will be deposited to your account once daily.



This option allows you to retain the customer's credit card information for
longer periods of time. New payments can be charged to the card without manually
entering the customer's credit card info. You might choose this option if you have recurrent billing, or always need
to add shipping charges to an order that has already been placed.


Please Note: The PASS option is something you will need to set up with Element before implementing on your website. 


Credit Cards Accepted/Graphics to Show

Be sure to check off the credit cards you accept.

-Click "Save"