Processing PayPal Standard Payments

Note: We strongly recommend that you upgrade to using Paypal Express Checkout if you have not already done so. The instructions below are for older MightyMerchant sites. Please ask about upgrading your site if you are not currently using Paypal Express Checkout.

Here are the steps for processing an order when the customer selects PayPal as the payment method.

1. The customer orders on your site.

2. You receive a MightyMerchant email confirmation indicating that the payment type is PayPal.

3. You should also receive an email confirmation from Paypal that the customer has completed the payment via Paypal. If you have not received the email confirmation it means that the customer has not completed their payment. Typically a customer will click the link in their order confirmation email and complete the payment immediately. However, it is possible that they will elect to wait to complete the transaction.

4. Once you have received an email confirmation from Paypal you can process the order for the customer. Do not process the order until you have received confirmation. Your confirmation from Paypal is your indication that the customer has paid for the order. If the customer claims they have paid, but you have not received an email, you can go to and log into your account and verify whether you have received any payment.