Photo Gallery Component: Managing Photos

The Photo Gallery feature allows you to display multiple thumbnail photos which visitors can click on to view larger images. Photos can be grouped into subcategories.

Adding a Photo Gallery

You will want to discuss adding a photo gallery with a Datahost representative. He or she will set up a new main category in your Site Manager for your photo gallery.

If you have only a few photos for your photo gallery, photos may be uploaded as items in the main Photo Gallery category. However, if you have many photos, it is best to organize these into subcategories. You will want to create your subcategories, then add individual photos to the appropriate subcategory.

Category Field Descriptions

    1. Category Name: a brief title your Photo Collection.

    2. Description (optional): some descriptive text.

    3. Category Image (Optional): Click the Browse... button to upload a main image for this Photo Collection, then "Save Changes".

Product Field Descriptions

    1. Name: A short name for this photo.

    2. Description (optional): A text description for your photo.

    3. Picture: Click the Browse... button to select your photo from your computer, then "Save Changes". If you are loading multiple photos, please be patient. When the images are finished transferring from your computer to the server you will see the page showing your list of items.

The Photo Gallery can be set up so that your customers can submit a photo. You are notified by email when a photo is received so that you may review it before it is posted on the site. Let Datahost know if you are interested in this feature.