Assigning Items to Multiple Categories


Items in your Site Manager can be assigned to as many categories or subcategories as you wish. For example, you might want to have your products grouped with other similar types of products as well as grouped by manufacturer.

Adding a Single Product to Multiple Categories

To add a single item to multiple categories:

    1. Navigate to your item in your site manager, and click "Edit" to open the Edit Item page.

    2. At the right of the page, click the "Click here, edit categories for this item" link.

    3. Check all the categories in which you wish to have the product displayed.

    Note: Notice in this example that this product is assigned to the lowest level subcategories (Dried Fruit and Dried Veggies). You do not want to check the higher level categories (Natural Snacks Catalog).

    3. Click "Save Changes".

Adding Multiple Existing Products to a Category

If you have a category in which you want to show many products already entered in the Site Manager, here is an easy way to do it:

    1. To the right of the category or subcategory, click the "I want to..." menu, then click "Categorize Items."

    A list of all your products will be displayed. If you have many products, you might need to go through several pages of products.

    2. Check the products that you want to add to the category and click "Save All Changes". If there are multiple pages of products, be sure to click "Save and Go to Next Page" or "Save and go to Previous Page" after each page.