Constant Contact: Transferring Contacts from MightyMerchant to ConstantContact

1. First, navigate to your site manager. The MightyMerchant staff will have added links near the top of the page.

2. Find the links MightyMerchant has added -- generally, these will be called something like "Download Web Opt-ins" and "Download Newsletter". Web-optins are the subscribers who opted in to your newsletter while checking out (i.e., they are previous customers). The newsletter list includes those who have signed up in a newsletter sign-up form or a contact form.

3. Click on each of these links and you will be prompted to save a .txt file. If there are no new names in the list, there will be a page letting you know "The file is empty." Download each of these files to an accessible location, for instance, your desktop.

4. Login to ConstantContact and click the Contacts tab. Click Add/Import and select (or create) the list you would like the file to be imported to. Click Next.

5. Choose "Import my list from a file on my computer". Click Next.

6. Browse for the file and click Submit Data. Please be aware that it takes ConstantContact a few minutes depending on how large your file is. Once this process is complete you should see the contacts in your list.