Google: Site Verification

Verify your site Ownership - Google

A number of google features request that you provide verification that you are the owner of your website.
Verification is the process of proving that you own the site or app that you claim to own.

Official Google Site-Verification Documentation

The simplest method is to include a simple “HTML meta tag” on each page of your website, which can be added to your site directly from your Site Manager.

To verify ownership of your site navigate to the Webmaster Verification Page page for your site.

On this page, simply select the ‘HTML tag’ method, and then copy the “meta” tag.

To add this code to your site, we will want to paste this code into the “3rd party scripts and tags for head section” in the “messages” of your Site Manager.

  1. Once you've logged-in to your site manager, click the "messages" link to navigate to the messages are of your website
  2. From the messages list, find the one that says "3rd Party scripts and tags for head section". Click "Edit Message"
  3. Paste the HTML meta code (copied from Google) into the text box and click "Save Changes"