Bing: How to Set-Up a Bing Shopping Feed

Click here to request a Bing product feed for your MightyMerchant store.

  1. Go to Microsoft adCenter and click "Sign up now". You can manage other Microsoft advertising services through this account, such as Bing PPC (If you already have an adCenter account, then log-in and skip to step 3).

    Click Sign up Now

  2. Complete the registration process.  You will have to supply a credit card; this will not be charged but only used for verification purposes.
  3. Once registration is complete, click the "Tools" tab and select "Bing Shopping Account Management".

    Bing Shopping Account Management

  4. Complete the Account Set Up information. An 88 x 31 px logo is required for activation.

    Completing adCenter account set-up

  5. Click "Catalog Management" and select "Microsoft download".

    Specify feed delivery

  6. Leaving this screen for a moment, log-in to your MightyMerchant site manager in a new tab or window. Click "Catalog" and then "Data Feeds". Select the URL in the text field corresponding to the Bing feed and copy it.

    Copy feed source URL from MightyMerchant site manager

  7. Return to your Microsoft "Catalog Management" screen and paste the URL into the "Source URL" field. You may leave the User name and Password fields blank. Click "Save".

    Paste in feed location URL

  8. Microsoft will email you when your feed has been processed. This may take several days.

    Microsoft will regularly pull a fresh feed from this location.

  9. For more support on using Bing Shopping, browse the Bing Shopping FAQ, Bing Shopping Forum, or email freehelp@microsoft com.