Viewing Customer Referral Sources

Knowing where your orders are coming from is vital to making good decisions on spending your advertising dollars.

Here is how you can track your referral sources in the MightyMerchant Site Manager.

1. When you create a link from another site, or in an advertising campaign, or any other external source, make sure that you use the "rid" query parameter. Here is a simple example:


This url will attribute the visit to a source of "constantcontact"

When HEROweb sets up marketing campaigns for you, we will use the "rid" in the urls so we can track the success of the campaigns that we are managing.

Here is how you can view the source in the Site Manager.

1. Go to the Order Manager for your website.

2. View the list of orders and look for the bold text beneath the customer's email address.

The bold text indicates the referrer id. If there is no bold text, that indicates that the order does not have a referrer id associated with it. Remember, these referrer ids will only show up if you or someone on our staff has tagged the urls in your advertising campaigns.

Taking the time to tag your urls is a valuable step in understanding the effectiveness of your campaigns.